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Top Chef Season 2 was filmed in Los Angeles, California. Padma Lakshmi took over hosting duties for Katie Lee Joel. There were several guest judges throughout the season, as in the first season. At the finale in Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, Ilan Hall battled Marcel Vigneron for the title of Top Chef. For the first time, a "Fan Favorite" was named based on online and phone voting and Sam Talbot (third place) was voted the Fan Favorite.



  • Suyai Steinhauer, 29 — Resides in: New York City, New York
  • Otto Borsich, 46 — Resides in: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Emily Sprissler, 30 — Resides in: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Marisa Churchill, 28 — Resides in: San Francisco, California
  • Josie Smith-Malave, 31 — Resides in: Brooklyn, New York
  • Carlos Fernandez, 36 — Resides in: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Frank Terzoli, 39 — San Diego, California
  • Mia Gaines-Alt, 32 — Oakdale, California
  • Betty Fraser, 44 — Los Angeles, California
  • Michael Midgley, 28 — Stockton, California
  • Cliff Crooks, 28 — West Caldwell, New Jersey
  • Elia Aboumrad, 23 — Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Sam Talbot, 28 — New York, New York -- Fan Favorite
  • Marcel Vigneron, 26 — Las Vegas, Nevada -- Runner-up
  • Ilan Hall, 24 — New York City, New York -- Winner


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