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Richard Blais was a finalist in Top Chef's Season 4 and the winner of Season 8, Top Chef All Stars. Originally from New York, he currently resides in Atlanta with his wife Jazmin and daughter, Riley.

Winning DishEdit

Beef Goulash, Spaetzel with Sour Cream and Apple Strudel with Tarragon.


Richard is known for his innovative and personal take on classical cuisine and has studied under luminaries such as Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud and Ferran Adria.

In 2004, Richard founded his creative culinary company, Trail Blais, which has consulted on, designed and operated three and four star restaurants in Atlanta. Currently, Richard owns and operates Flip Burger Boutique, a four-star eatery redefining the iconic America burger experience, with multiple locations in Atlanta, Birmingham, and soon, Washington, DC. Richard believes cooking is an art and food is meant to stimulate on many levels. He incorporates global ingredients, modern cooking methods, wit and a sense of humor to all of his food.

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