Episode 8: An Offer They Can't RefuseEdit


Premiere: February 2, 2011
The chefs prepare a traditional three-course Italian meal in one of New York's most famous and exclusive restaurants, Rao's.

  • Quickfire Challenge: The nine remaining chefs have to create a visually appealing dish that is judged solely on presentation.
    • Top: Carla, Fabio, Richard
    • Bottom: Angelo, Dale T., Tre
      • WINNER: Richard (Black Chocolate Ice Cream, Menthol Crystals, Herbal Salad and Mint Ice Cream Dots)
  • Elimination Challenge: The chefs cook a family style Italian meal at Rao's restaurant for the judges, as well as the restaurant's owners and staff. They are divided into three groups: antipasto (appetizer course) (Antonia, Carla, and Tiffany), primo (first, or pasta course) (Dale T., Mike, and Tre), and secondo (second, or meat course) (Angelo, Fabio, and Richard). The chefs are judged individually on their dishes.
    • WINNER: Antonia (Mussels with Fennel, White Wine, Garlic, and Parsley Ciabatta)
    • ELIMINATED: Tre (Grilled Vegetable Risotto, Marinated Tomatoes and Fresh Basil)
      • Guest Judge: Isaac Mizrahi (Quickfire Challenge), Lorraine Bracco (Elimination Challenge)