Dim Sum Lose Some
Episode: Top Chef (Season 8) #5
Premiere: January 5, 2011

The chefs go to Chinatown and make dim sum for hundreds of locals.

  • Quickfire Challenge: In a series first, head judge Tom Colicchio enters the competition, challenging the chefs to beat his time of 8 minutes, 37 seconds in creating a dish.
    • Top: Marcel, Mike, Richard
    • Bottom: Angelo, Dale T., Jamie
  • WINNER: Mike (Pan-Roasted Branzino with Black Olive and Caper Stew). He wins a new Toyota Prius.
    • Elimination Challenge: The chefs head to Chinatown and work as a team to serve dim sum for the locals.
  • WINNER: Dale T. (Sweet Rice with Chinese Bacon Wrapped in a Banana Leaf)
  • ELIMINATED: Casey (Chinese Chicken Feet and Scallion Pancake)
      • Guest Judge: Susur Lee (Elimination Challenge)