Episode 10: Lock DownEdit


Premiere: February 16, 2011
For the Quickfire Challenge, the chefs must make a cookie that pleases the 'Sesame Street' gang.

  • Quickfire Challenge: The seven remaining chefs must bake cookies for Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Telly, from Sesame Street.
    • Top: Antonia, Dale T.
    • Bottom: Angelo, Richard
      • WINNER: Dale T. (Pretzel and Potato Chip Shortbread Cookie with Salted Caramel Chocolate Ganache). He wins $5,000.
  • Elimination Challenge: The seven remaining chefs must cook a meal at a Target store using only ingredients and cooking supplies from the store.
    • WINNER: Dale T. (Ribeye Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Spicy Tomato Soup). He wins $25,000
    • ELIMINATED: Angelo (Baked Potato Soup with Bacon, Onions, Sour Cream, Potato Skins, Scallions, and Grated Cheddar Cheese)
      • Guest Judge: Cookie Monster, Elmo, Telly (Quickfire Challenge), Ming Tsai (Elimination Challenge)